Engineered Flooring in a Condo at 4k spadina

2014 in Review: Condo Flooring Trends

Welcome to the end of a year folks, glad to have everybody. We have an excited year end release for our readers today about construction & maintenance, some new news about the year in review: Flooring trends for all those high rise towers littered everywhere downtown.

There’s four types of flooring that dominates condos these days

Hardwood – Hardwood typically seems to be reserved for the ultra luxury builders, like those up in yorkville. You don’t see too many condos in the fin. district & fashion district going up with hardwood floors in them, seems like it’s just too expensive.

Laminate – Laminate flooring you’ll find is the new norm for builders like Tridel. The quality is just brutal, they put up condos as quick & cheap as they can. The builders fail to realize that people want quality condos, not a couple thousand dollars off the price tag. At the end of the day, these big tower (Filing cabinets as my step daughter calls them) have to be homes to many people.

Engineered – Engineered is sort of the mid-standard for builders downtown, yeah you won’t find Engineered flooring in CityPlace (unless someone upgrades in City place.. but who does that right)

Builders in the financial district like 10 York for example, that’s a new condominium that is coming up with Engineered flooring or so I’ve heard!! It’s kind of exciting I guess. I think the top 3-4 floors PH/UPH/LPH will hopefully be either underlay or hardwood

Underlay – Underlay is a tough one, you don’t really find this in Condos anymore. It used to actually be the industry norm, but quickly became obsolete after engineered came out.

Engineered Flooring in a Condo at 4k spadina

A picture of a engineered flooring in 4k Spadina Condo unit

Check these 4k spadina condos out.

For those of you who don’t know, 4k is a condo building at city place. It sucks, CityPlace is quite litterally referred to as “ShittyPlace”, or so I’ve heard. This isn’t what you want, I would always stick to either engineered & hardwood flooring if you’re going for luxury or not piece-of-crap look 

I was speaking to the owner of Global Alliance wholesale flooring company based in Ontario, they supply a lot of the buildings around Toronto (Condos & especially newer offices coming up) with flooring supplies to do the contracting.  He was saying that he’s seen on average a 2.1% increase in engineered year after year, which worries me.

Are condo builders going towards cheap over quality?

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