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Why SEO Should and Shouldn’t Be the Main Focus of your Marketing Business

Business owners usually find themselves torn between various marketing strategies. While there are several traffic sources available, many still don’t know which source would work well for them and bring positive results. Small and medium organizations don’t have the marketing prowess huge multinational businesses possess and would turn to the source that won’t cost them a lot. This is the reasons why they go for SEO, but is this strategy really worth investing your resources and time in? For you to determine whether SEO should be the main focus of your marketing business, it’s best to weigh all its pros and downsides first.


SEO delivers a constant flow of targeted traffic for free

Millions of searches are done every day. SEO services can help you tap into this source of free and targeted traffic. Any cost spent will be significantly reduced if you perform other SEO activities such as content generation and link building.

SEO boost the exposure of your business

People use the web to find a solution to their concern. In their search, they click on different links, boosting the possibility of your business being seen.

SEO makes you an authority in your niche

Great website content and a strong web presence can help you attain good ranking positions. Good ranking can help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche and get the trust of your audience, leading to bigger possibilities of conversions.

SEO can help with the growth of your business

SEO is profitable as it plays a huge role in securing an excellent web presence, letting your business achieve increased visibility up to fifty-nine percent of consumers who are using search engines to search for a local business. Remember that without web visibility, your targeted consumers won’t find you. Search engine optimization guarantees that this won’t happen and helps you attain a strong presence on the web that will lead to better business growth.


Results are not immediate

Maybe the most obvious downside of SEO is the slow time-frame for producing positive results. Search engine optimization involves getting contents indexed by search engines that could take weeks, hours or days. If you’re looking for immediate results, then SEO might not be your best choice.

SEO is not sustainable

SEO isn’t what it used to be. The same tactics and methods that provided results a few years ago will lead you to nothing, but the last pages of search results today. Having a sustainable SEO strategy is your best bet to benefit from this traffic source.

SEO gives no assurance for results

Landing on the first search pages is one of the goals you should try to attain with SEO. This matters as 75 percent of search users will probably never scroll past the first page and ignore the remaining pages. Search engine optimization gives no assurance that you’ll land in the first page of SERPs using your keywords.


SEO is not dead and remains as the number one traffic source for many websites. It should still be part of your marketing campaign, but the reasons presented here will provide you with a much better insight on how you can use SEO in a much better way. This will help you decide whether to focus all your efforts on this strategy or to keep a balance between search engine optimization and other marketing tools to achieve your business goals.